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Ansell, formerly known as Colin King-Ansell, was imprisoned in 1968 for maliciously damaging a synagogue. Upon his release the following year, he founded the National Socialist Party of New Zealand and advocated the establishment of a private army of stormtroopers. For a brief period during the early 1970s Ansell became involved in Australian neo-Nazi groups, notably the National Socialist Party of Australia, but soon returned to New Zealand where he was a candidate in successive elections. By 1978, he was leading a National Socialist White People’s Party, which was affiliated to the US party of the same name founded by the infamous American, George Lincoln Rockwell.

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Report: NZ Flag Day Was A Great Success For The Nationalists: ANZAC Ties Strengthened Between NZ And Australian Nationalists!

Dr. Jim Saleam

It was the New Zealand Nationalist Alliance (NA) which invited me personally – and Australia First Party generally – to participate in Flag Day. The NA is an alliance of the nationalist forces in that country, featuring the New Zealand National Front (NF), the National Democrats, the New Right and other social and music groups.

Outside the old nineteenth century Parliament building, our rally commenced. Onlookers also joined in. The NF secretary, Mr. Colin Ansell spoke.

It was important to Australia First Party to develop its links with New Zealand nationalism.

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Australian And New Zealand Nationalists Re-Affirm Their Unity As Australia First Party National Conference Gets Closer

The Australia First Party has invited representatives of New Zealand nationalism to its National Conference in June.

The invitation was given to the New Zealand Nationalist Alliance, to the New Zealand National Front and New Right New Zealand.

The Australia First Party reaffirms its solidarity with its ANZAC allies.

Support for the success of the Conference has been received from the Nationalist Alliance and from the.National Front.

Two leading representatives of the New Zealand nationalist movement, Kyle Chapman and Col Ansell, stated that reports in Australia of actual disunity in the Kiwi scene were mis-statements of the manner in which different tactics were pursued by the respective organisations.

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Colin Ansell

Party President

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Exposed! Heil Hawera: Past catches up with former neo-Nazi leader

New Zealand’s most notorious neo-Nazi has turned up in Taranaki as der Fuhrer of a business lobby group.

Colin Ansell owns a house and printing business in Hawera. He has lived in the town for two years.

Mr Ansell, who has served time for torching an Auckland synagogue, is chairman of the local business association Progress Hawera.

“The people of Hawera have nothing to fear from me. When I was involved in the Nazi Party I was young and foolish,” he said.

As Colin King-Ansell, he once led the NZ National Socialist Party and stood for Parliament under its banner. He was jailed for 18 months for his role in an arson attack on an Auckland synagogue, was involved in the pro-skinhead group Unit 88, and has been convicted on a charge of publishing an anti-Jewish pamphlet.

a TV2 programme screened last week, on the history of the Nazi Party in New Zealand, which included archival footage of Colin King-Ansell. People recognised him as the man who now lives in Hawera.

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Colin Ansell spoke frankly when interviewed at his cluttered, busy, printing shop:

When did you first become an admirer of Adolf Hitler?

Probably at secondary school. I’m a child of the 50s, we were force-fed war from the Allied viewpoint. I had an inquiring mind and wanted to know if the Nazis were so flaming evil, why? I’ve always asked questions about everything.

Yes, I read Mein Kampf. It didn’t make much sense to me. It was only when I delved into history that what Hitler wrote about started to make sense to me. I admired what Hitler tried to do but I I’m critical of what he did.

I didn’t form the Nazi Party in New Zealand, it already existed. I think it was formed by a Mr Darnell. I sort of took it over. There had been a pre-war fascist movement in NZ and a lot of our early supporters were those people. It wasn’t a strong movement at its peak, it only had maybe 200 members. At that time we had the Cold War and communism was the big evil. I was very anti-communist.

Were you a white supremacist?

I believed in all the propaganda that was put out by overseas groups and, yes, we published it in our publications.

When did you sever your links with Nazism?

The party ceased to exist about 1980. It just faded away. We got older. Once the Cold War was over it faded world wide. Other groups like the National Front came into existence. There was a brief attempt in the 90s to resurrect the party, but it never got anywhere. There was a brief attempt in the 90s to resurrect the party, but it never got anywhere.

It reared its head when I took a group of young kids under my wing and the media beat it up into white supremacy. The treasurer was part Maori and the newspaper editor was part Cook Islander. We took in these white kids, some of them referred by the police to us. They had nowhere for them. Whereas for Maori or islander kids, there were groups who would take them in.

It was called Unit 88. It stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet, which is H for Heil Hitler. I was involved but I didn’t run it. I gave them a place to stay, I had the lease on a big building; they had a gym, pool tables, they could bring their girlfriends, listen to their skinhead music.

Did you do a jail term of 18 months?

Yes, when I was in my 20s. I was young and foolish then. I got 18 months for $10 worth of damage. The charge was arson to a synagogue. I didn’t actually do anything, I was just there. I just got caught up in it.

Do the people of South Taranaki have anything to fear from you living here?

Absolutely not. I’m not a threat to society any more. This Kyle Chapman in the Sunday Star Times last week and his Survivors’ Militia, he’s an absolute idiot. He’s the one who sort of took over from me and now someone else has taken over from him. They’ve all tried to get me to come back but I’m too old and too cynical.

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No one is ever free of a past they might regret

Mr Ansell, however, adds a serious note to the raking of history. His past is infinitely more ugly, as New Zealand’s most notorious Nazi cheerleader and Holocaust denier. His involvement with, and leadership of, groups worshipping Adolf Hitler and white supremacist policies spanned more than 30 years from the late 1960s, and included a jail term for trying to burn down a Jewish synagogue and another conviction for inciting racial hatred. He gloried in offending both his targeted ethnic groups as well as the vast majority of normally eccentric-tolerant Kiwis – his two 1970s attempts to enter Parliament under the National Socialist Party banner drew barely more votes than could be mustered among friends and family. His pro-Nazi career culminated in the 1990s mentoring of a skinhead group calling itself Unit 88, which was so radical and aggressive that it eventually frightened Mr Ansell himself. He has apparently had no further active interest in the hateful and lunatic philosophies of racial purity – whatever that might be – since the late 1990s, and moved to Hawera and provincial anonymity two years ago.

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The NDP has no wish to “rejoin the NF”.

I am concerned to note that the main public contact person is now Mr. Colin Ansell, who is well-known to be an unreconstructed National Socialist. The NDP does not wish to embarrass itself by having any association with Mr. Ansell.

Anton F.

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